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Thursday, 19 September 2013

My best friends birthday

Yesterday was my best friends birthday. unfortently i only managed to get a few pics.
one of me with my friends daughter and another of a friends leg cast that we had all done some silly random drawings.
As it was a week day and knowing we would have to get up early today we decided against going out and a few of us got together for pizza and a few drinks.
between us we had 10 portions of chips. 5 large pizzas and 2 cheesy garlic breads and boy was it yummy.
It was a good night loads if chatting few drinks and plenty of giggles.
I was glad to celebrate my birthday with my friend. we have known each other now 9years, not once have we had a bad word to say or an argument and i have to say she is always their for me.
I would be lost with out her sometimes.
So i would just like to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO A TRUE FRIEND LOVE YOU MILLIONS and hope u had a fab day and night and heres to the weekend celebrations whooo

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