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Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Me and my Depression

Well since i last wrote a blog post, I've had a few good days but also a few bad ones.
I didn't move out of the house or even get dressed i just stayed in my pyjamas for 3 days.
Yes i no its not good but i could not snap out of the way i was feeling, i didn't eat or see anyone as the children were away with family.
But i have had a few good days where i've actually got up, made an effort, cleaned and been out seen a few friends.

But tonight for some reason i feel all fidgety and cannot sleep.
I've had a bath, tried lying down a bit of reading and a hot drink but still nothing.
I've also got myself a penpal who im looking forward to swapping letters with.

Im still taking my tablets and although im having good and bad days i do feel as though they are helping, I've also started to keep a diary of how im feeling, what i have done that day which is good i sopose.

It's half term here next week so i plan on doing something with the kids which involves getting out and jumping on a train somewhere. well i hope too.

Anyway im off to try and get some sleep as i need to be up for 7am.

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Sunday, 2 February 2014

Bad day with my depression

This is how i feel today, I no im lucky to have two beautiful children, family close by and good friends. But at the momment i feel as if the depression is winning and its not nice.

I've just sat and cried for the past half hour, over what exactly i can't say. I just feel like screaming, shouting and crying.
everything is getting to me and i get wound up and annoyed over the smallest thing.
Today i've had a few hours away from the children just to have some me time in the hope that i would feel a little better for it but as horrible as it may sound i just don't feel any better i really wish i did.

well sorry for another mini rant and post.
Hope all my readers and followers are ok xx

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Thursday, 30 January 2014


I haven't felt like my normal happy go lucky self now for a few months.
Friends and family have tried to cheer me up with no luck.
It got to the stage where i stayed in my pyjamas for days, i didn't want to leave the house and just let the house get a total mess.

So last week i went to the doctors and got some antidepressants,  i was also offered the chance to go and talk to someone, but im not very good at opening up so decided against this.

So far i still feel low and not myself but the doctor did say they take 2-4weeks to start working.

Depression can effect you in many ways and effects each person differently. Their are also various causes.
With mine im feeling low all the time, im always tierd and feeling drained and stressed all the time.
I can see and feel the differance in me and i hate it. i hate how i feel and hate how it may effect my children.

Sorry for the depressing boring post, but im hoping that if i blog about how im feeling and whats going through my mind and so forth that it may help in some way.

I would be really greatful if any of my followers or anyone who reads this post have any tips ans hints on what to do, ways to try and help myself feel better.

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Sunday, 19 January 2014

Truprint review. Part 1


I was lucky to recieve a few items from truprint to review.

To use the website i first set up an account which is free and easy to do and takes less than 5minuites.

Once my account was set up i had a good look around at the website and at what products were avalible.

You can choose from photo prints and various sizes. stationary. gifts and canvas prints plus much more.
All prices are clear to see and contact details are easy to find.
When purchasing from the website you can pay by various methods including paypal.

Truprint also have an app you can download onto your android phone where once downloaded you can sign into your account and upload your pictures, share them and order.

The photos i recieved were 6*4 in size and were photos i had taken using my mobile phone which has a 5mp camera.
They were easy to upload to the site and once on their were placed in an album.
My albums on their go by the date they were uploaded although you can choose to name your albums.

After ordering my photo prints i got a conformation email confirming my order which also stated times for printing and posting.
I recieved my order within four days of ordering them and they came well packaged.
As the photos i ordered had been taken using my mobile phone i didn't expect them to be great quality and thought they may end up being a little grainy but i'm pleased to say that they weren't the quality of them is exellent and im really pleased and will certainly be ordering more prints from them as i have hundreds of the children i want printing.

I also recieved a few other items which i will be reviewing in another post

I have recieved these prints to review free of charge.
All opinions are my own

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Saturday, 18 January 2014


Well as many of my readers may no i have a 3year old. she is my youngest and god she makes me feel like i just want to scream.
Don't get me wrong i love her to bits and wouldn't change her for the world but she is so naughty, full of life, attitude everything you expect from a teenanger not a toddler.

I tidy up and within minuites she trashes the place.
I tell her of and she shouts and hits me.
Today i have been told by her to get out of her life, I don't think she understands what she is saying when she says it but still it hurts.
This girl of mine bounces from wall to wall and no matter what we do is always full of beans. she doesn't sleep untill 12-2am and im soo tierd i just want to scream shout and cry and sleep for a few days try and get some enery back.
Do any of you have proplems like this and feel like i am at this momment in time, if so what do you do. how do you control the tempers burn the energy of?
Any advice accepted.

sorry for my mini rant

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Christmas and new year 2013

I haven't blogged for a while as i still don't have a laptop so im blogging tonight from my phone.
So for christmas this year me and the kids went to spend it with my friend and her children, it was different but we all had a really good day and the kids all enjoyed themselves.

Both DJ and Ruby were spoilt and had so many presents that alot of them are still in their boxes and yet to be played with.

New years eve we did what we normally do. that is going down to a friends house, my mum and stepdad also come and we all had some food, few drinks and music and some fireworks and sparklers in the garden.

Happy new year and best wishes for 2014 to all my followers.
I hope you all had a fab time. What did you get up to?

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Sunday, 27 October 2013


Well as many of you who have read my previous blogposts regarding DJ you will no he has dyslexia and dyspraxia.
We have also found out he has some low muscle tone and is double jointed in his hips.
ohh i remember the days when i was flexible and could walk like a crab and get into many strange posistions. its funny now watching DJ able to do it.
But on his last apptiontment with the OT she said she thought DJ may be on the asd spectrum but that if he is it is only very mild...
So we have now been referred to various other agencys although some have a 12month waiting list.
It will explain a few things if we find out for sure that he has. such as the love if routine and time spent being alone amongst other things.
If any of my followers have children or relatives that are on the asd spectrum i would be greatful of any advice/tips on how to cope with the routine. fear of various things and noises and so on.